Book Bums, Moving On


It took about five and a half weeks before I could drive by our former (and first) Book Bums location. I had been through a time of mourning, but now . . . I’m ready to move on. It’s difficult, because that West Chester location is where it all began. It’s where we waited patiently, in those early days, for curious folks to stop in to see what we were all about. It’s where rainy days were glorious treasures, sipping lattes was a savored treat, and enjoying the cozy atmosphere with a loved friend was pure glory. Book Bums, West Chester, is where we began pouring into hundreds of families. We got to watch as expectant mommies turned into parents of readers, and -best yet- we got to be a part of that. What an honor!

As we considered what the closing of those big green doors of Book Bums would mean to us, we recognized the opportunity.

You see, at Book Bums, we could only serve the families—who genuinely wanted to learn how to raise readers, IF they were available on Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m. We did that, and we loved it! But is that the only way we can equip parents to become their young children’s first and most influential teachers? We’ve decided that the answer is no. There’s a better way.

If you have a soon-to-be-reader and you would like to learn ways you can promote excellent reading skills-with a focus on fun, we can help! We’ve been sharing splendid ways to engage young children while teaching foundational reading skills, utilizing high quality children’s books, for years. Now, we are working to provide a resource that will allow us to help anyone, anywhere, anytime!

One family, long ago, joined one of our Foundations for Literacy workshops. This family loved the workshop experience so much that they came back again with their reader-to-be number two! One day, this family’s eldest child (who was in this video- Click Here to Watch. ended up on my classroom roster. It just so happened that our school district gave a nationally normed literacy assessment at the beginning of the school year in order to determine kids’ areas of strength and possible areas of weakness. (It’s a help to teachers as we consider how to best move our students forward.) Well, my Foundations graduate scored astronomically well on that assessment. I wasn’t surprised, but it felt great to know that our workshop had translated, loudly and clearly in a BIG way. Remember, it’s not the workshop itself that was the magical element. It’s that fact that the child’s parents were equipped to support their child, continually, all through those formative years.

We know that we’ve got something that’s absolutely amazing, and we are so excited about making it available to all parents who are eager to be a central part of their young children’s literacy lives. Watch for Foundations for Literacy kits, coming soon!

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