To read well,

your soon-to-be reader

needs YOU to take the lead.

Foundations for Literacy is a Parent-Led Program that Makes Raising Outstanding Readers, Well . . . Fun!

Dr. Christina Williams

Hi, I'm Dr. Christina Williams.

Is your child struggling to learn to read?

I can help!

This site exists to inspire and equip YOU to teach your child to read and spell well.

You don’t have to be a teacher. You just have to:

Love your child,

(enough to) dedicate yourself to intentionally spending time together

using fun-focused resources that teach the code upon which our language is based. (That’s what I provide!)

You have ONE window of opportunity and YOU can provide exactly what your child needs!

It all starts with reading. You can help. You are your child's superhero. YOU can take your child from struggling to soaring!

My students absolutely LOVE these Foundations for Literacy lessons, because they enjoy, so much, seeing their reading improve from one day to the next. Can you imagine your child reading to you, with joy and confidence, at bedtime?


Not only will this spelling assessment reveal what your reader understands, but it will reveal where YOU will need to fill in some gaps to improve skills. Don’t worry. I will help with that part. Let’s see where we are!

Ready to give your child this fun and engaging assessment? Click on the link and get started!

Why Foundations For Literacy Works

93 million adults in the US read at or below the basic level needed to contribute successfully to society.

The first three years of schooling are critical time to learn the basic skills needed to tackle a more advanced curriculum yet many who enter fourth grade struggle with reading.

65% of fourth graders read at or below the basic level. As curriculum advances, these children will fall behind.


“It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! My daughter and I have practiced her phonemes using the tools (games) that we learned in class and I’m blown away how far she’s come in just a WEEK!  Christy is an amazing teacher.” ~Erica


I am beyond happy that you are his teacher. I am an occupational therapist and work in the school setting, so I love that you work on handwriting, phonics, kinesthetic learning and teach at a developmentally appropriate level for this age group.” ~Everett’s Mom

Miss Christy is a natural teacher. She meets her students wherever they are academically and socially then comfortably leads them to the next steps of their development. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has an emergent reader and who is looking for a nurturing yet authentic experience for their young reader.” ~Heather

“My son struggled with learning to read since he was only started learning English two years ago after coming from China. Nothing we tried really clicked until Dr. Christy’s class – from reading quality children’s literature while focusing on specific phoneme and blended combinations, eating great snacks and enjoying crafts that kinetically reinforced language concepts, my son learned to read basic sentences over the course of summer vacation and continues to develop, now that we’re past that first threshold, at a speedy rate. ~Ria

To read well, your soon-to-be reader needs YOU to take the lead.

Are you READY to slip inside the phone booth and come out your soon-to-be reader’s hero?

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